Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010 Queanbeyan Swap Meet - American Car Show Part 4

The Sunday following the All Ford Day/Queanbeyan Swap Meet is the 'American Car Show'. Once again, beautiful sunny weather, and no rain! It was a great friendly family day, with kids running around and lots of friendly car talk.
 Some nice Corvettes.
 Front wheel drive Oldsmobile. Check out the cool rotating headlights.
 Quite a few Mustangs
Nice T-bird
Unmolested Chevy Nova SS
 This is just an awesome car - a Dodge.
 AMX Javelin SST - known as a Rambler Javelin SST in this country- rare anywhere.
Gotta love Cadillacs!
 Plymouth fins! Massive
 Theres something about flatbed trucks hauling iron. 
Very few 55-6-7 Chevy's this year. 
Aussie variant Chrysler from 1957

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