Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 Queanbeyan Swap Meet/All Ford Day Part 1 of 6

Every year when the AFL Grand Final rolls around, I know that the Queanbeyan Swap Meet/All Ford Day and American Car show is on. I have to arrive early on Saturday, so I can get home in time for the footy. This Saturday was no exception, and I arrived around 8AMish to begin my wandering.
 I think these are off Flathead V8's. 20 bucks? sure , I'll take both (if i had a flathead V8 that is).
 You have to wonder why people bring some things to sell. These were still there on Sunday arvo.
 Cars of all shapes and sizes. The one on the right needs a cut and polish.
 Thousands of different obscure car repair guides are available. 
 Looking for a good home.
 This almost came home with me(but I have enough junk).
 Lots of non-car junk for sale as well. Less than in previosu years though.
 Would this fit my 302 Ford Windsor ? 
 Boys from Baltons did good business. 
 Sam is pretty shy.
 Never seen this many Micro cars in one place before. 
 Repro Taiwanese Ford Panelvan doors. 100 bucks for both. Unbelievable!
 Pretty complete Plus 4 Torana. Not many of these left. 
 There were lots of cars for sale, which is a good thing at a Swap meet!

I wont bore you with the rest of the swapmeet treasures, all I can say is that at least it wasn't pissing down and 3 degrees like last year! It was a warm sunny spring Canberra day, around 20 degrees. Beautiful for treasure hunting and car photography.

The rest of these foters are of vendors cars or cars in the carpark, none of these were here for the display, but earning a crust or just driven in for the day. All the Fords are in the next few posts, and the American Car SHow cars are in seperate post as well. LOTS OF FOTERS to come!
 These are some of the swap meet vendors cars. I dont think its a genuine RT ute...
 Nice EH ute, louvered bonnet. Sat real low. 
 Mainline ute, should have been on the show ground.
 Very very tidy, parked next to me. 
 Jeep Cherokee, a little rough. 
 Pontiac Parisienne. Canadian built GMH import.

 Nice grille. Very tidy.
 F-series ambo in primer. For sale. 
 Interesting rear body.
 Biggest petrol tank I've ever seen on a car.
 Tres cool.
 52 Hudson, parked in the carpark!
 Look at those curves!
Very rare Standard Vanguard utility. Australian built.

Naturally I will have to divide these posts up to allow for the heavy photo content. Surf back over the next week or so as I put these posts up. I will make the links active as the posts go up.

Post 1 (This One) Swap meet treasures, vendor cars and non-Fords
Part 3 - All Ford Day - More Fords
Part 4 - All Ford Day
Part 5 - American Car Show (Sunday)
Part 6 - American Car Show (Sunday) 


  1. i would except the pano is my low budget/utility car i bought so i wouldnt get shitty when people opened their car doors on my 'good' cars...

    Still - a blown gas powered pano....

  2. Read about the rare metal 1/43rd FIMCAR model AUSTRALIAN cars from the 1980s, BEFORE they were incorporated into the DINKUM CLASSICS range. I made them, and I wrote the book, now available, 128 luxury glossy A4 pages, FULL COLOUR $40 plus postage from Canberra.