Sunday, January 8, 2012

Summernats 2012 - Holdens

Todays post on Summernats 2011 is all about Holdens. I've arranged the cars in roughly chronological order, the oldest car being an FC. I didn't see any earlier cars, such as FJ's or 48-215's but I'm told there were a few there. Enjoy!

 FC Holdens
 There is so much work in this FB Panelvan - I think every panel has been modified. Outstanding car. 

 EJ Holden
 EH Holdens
 HR Holdens
 HG, HK, HT Holdens - Kingswoods and Monaros
 HJ Holden
 HQ Monaro - note the airbrushed cigar vents. On the other side the standard metal vents were present. Neat touch
 HX Sandman
 HQ Monaro
 HX Panelvan
 HQ Stationwagon
 HQ Monaro GTS - look at the rubber on the guards! I suspect this car spent some time on the Burnout Pad (see future post). 
 barn find HJ Sandman
 HQ Kingswood
 HX Premier
 HQ Statesman
 LC Torana
Later model Toranas
 Excellent Holden Gemini (Isuzu) - Thats either a triple supercharged V6 engine or a supercharged V6 being fed by two turbos. Sounded impressive. 
 Holden Gemini - only one turbo...
 VC Commodore
 VK Group A
 VL Calais
A very slippery surface on parts of the EPIC roads saw a few cars lose traction momentarily - such as this VL Commodore
 HDT Group Three Director
 VL HSV Group A - Walkinshaw
 I call this late model Statesman the reverse Mullet car. Business up the back ... at the front!
 Nice angle for this Statesman
I note this Monaro is street registered. I imagine the drive up the Hume from Victoria was a lot of fun. Sadly, not legal in the ACT as the exhaust exits to the left. Might be some bonnet visibility issues as well. Not a bad lineup of utes in the background either (dedicated ute post coming...)

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  1. Great photos mate, good work!

    I’m the owner of the first Sandman you have shown above and it’s actually a HX not HJ.


  2. Thanks! You have a beautiful looking panel van! correction made.

  3. Hi there,
    Stumbled over this gallery by accident. My partner (who is a chick) owns the white Gemini with the 'single' turbo. Haven't found many pictures of it other than ones I've taken.
    That turbo setup was running low boost and made 150 odd HP on the dyno.
    Made 260 at full boost and the motor had more in it.
    Thanks for the pics! Nice to see someone else appreciating her Gemini!

  4. Gday, I own a hg brougham and was looking to paint my car in a similar one to the blue hg manaro featured in one of the photos above, I don't know the info of the colour and if anyone could direct me on what it is or how to get the same colour it would be much appreciated!

  5. thanks for sharing the list. it’s really helpful.