Friday, January 6, 2012

Summernats 2012 - Fords!

Summernats 2012 is on and today I went out for a day of motorhead heaven - listening to earsplitting V8's crackling away, watching blown cars rumble around the EPIC grounds. The best thing about Summernats is that the cars aren't just static - they move and roar. All day. 

I spent about ten hours walking around EPIC today - well, I did sit in the Horsepower heroes dyno shed for a while, and also a few hours were spent watching cars explode on the burnout pad! Im happy to report that the dickhead ratio is right down - with the best behaviour I have seen at a Summernats. I suspect the lack of alcohol is the main reason, as well as heavy security keeping an eye on things. I didn't see any agro at all. It was just a day filled with car spotting.

Over the next week I will be posting the photos I have taken, split into categories. Today is Fords, tomorrow Holdens - and the rest of the week will be a surprise! Yes I will have a post on the burnout pad...

The photoessay begins:

 Only a few early Falcons, this was the nicest.  
 I know its a Lincoln, but its still a Ford
 Nice XY Falcon GT - love the paint - so luscious. 
 Looks great in black, for some reason almost all Fairlanes of this model are white.

Landaus just look so mean. This one has lost the vinyl roof. 
 Nicest coupe I saw all day
Only XC I saw
 I hope this car wins something - very impressive!
 Perfect panel fit and paint - nice car

 Local lad - represent!
Im not sure if this is meant to be a ratrod homage or they didnt get past the paint stripping phase of the build but decided to come anyway. 

This XF caught my eye as soon as I arrived. Very impressive. That rubber sure fills the guards. 
 Only EB i saw
 Beautiful car - the plate suits it
 Two door TC Cortina. UK import I believe. 

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