Saturday, January 8, 2011

Summernats 2011 - Part 1

Summernats is one of my favourite car events in Canberra. It receives a great deal of negative attention from the media and people who generally wouldn't go anyway. In previous years there has been some behaviour issues, and way back when, an actual riot in Civic, but these days it is being toned right down. this year I was only able to go on the 'family Friday' and I had to leave before the prizes were announced (so no photos of the prize winning cars sadly). 

I thought about ordering these photos, into themes, manufacturers, blown/unblown etc, but instead they are in the order I shot them in. I arrived around 9.30 AM and started snapping almost straight away. My battery ran out around 2.30PM, and I left shortly after that.  This is Part 1 of 3.

 Nice blown EH Holden
 FJ Holden
Nice Monaro 
Summernats cruiser convertible Holden Statesman 
 XE Falcon
 Prepping for judging
Strange art on this Morris Minor 
57 Vauxhall Velox 
 Designer must have been on crack.

 Stock minty body, nice paint, weird graphics.
That is some great pinstriping 
Is it a street machine if its trailered in ?  
LJ Torana with a mad turbo setup 

The ONLY hotted up Corlla I have ever seen. 
? Why i dont like modern cars. This sadly could have been factory fitted. 
Nice old Monaro. 
WTF! ten bucks says this bad boy has been tubbed.... what size are those rims ? 
 Love the paint.
This XW falcon ute is insane. Flat and gloss black.  
 Nice pinstriping.
 When a car is lower than a 7 year old kid, its seriously LOW.

 Slammed car, throbbing V8, bogan in a sombrero - welcome to Summernats!
 Inside teh judging hall. 

 I like mid 60's Galaxies.
 Quite a few rods this year, they increase every year. 

 My favourite photo of the day.
Suzuki Mighty Boy. 
The Velox cruising. 

 Blown Gemini.
 XD V8 Falcon

Refused to smoke them up. 

 Only a handful of Chargers this year.
XE Falcon. Nice colour. 

 What a stupid set of wheels. Ruins the car.
Jump in the wayback machine, its 1988. 
Blown straight six Holden HR ute.  

Beautiful Chevrolet curves and flawless paint. Sounded great too.
 XB Coupes - represent!
Blown 55 Chev


  1. Whoa, old-school cars! It's fascinating to see these cars in a parade! Despite the dominance of modern and innovative cars, these are still head-turners on the roads. And the silver one looks like the car that transforms. Now who says vintage can't be cool? :)

    Dante Mallet

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