Monday, January 10, 2011

Summernats 2011 - Part 3

This is the third part of my Summernats 2011 photo essay. For the previous parts see part 1 and part 2.

Whether it was the lack of crowds on Family Friday, or the fact that this was the first time I had been to Summernats on my own, and had no one to bullshit with, I found that Summernats 2011 was lacking a certain je ne sais quoi... however I pressed on, amazed at the quality of the cars entered and the cars that people had parked near their sites, which they obviously just drove to Summernats in and hadnt entered.

Nice later Statesman
Mildly lowered Commodore Sportswagon.
Modern interpretation of the famous 80's HDT Irmscher rim

Very tough!

Theres some seriously skillful sheetmetal work on this one tonner. 
Where is my fur coat, fedora and cigar?
Nice update on this Monaro

Even the good folk from Hot Wheels bought a car alog (I made that up)
I really like Ford rancheros! The amount of work on this car was phenomenal.

I could have taken dozens of photos of old tow trucks, but felt wandering around the camp area would look a bit suss. Suffice it to say that most of the old banana back tow trucks seem to congregate in EPIC every January. 
You dont see many Falcon one tonners. 
Classic XY GT in Black!
Twin turboed 351C on LPG
Check out the bonnet scoops.

Off to the burnout track.

Back from the burnout track...
"Sir, i'm writing you this ticket because I believe your forward vision may be obstructed"

Is this the same car doing a quick change in a phonebooth somewhere ?

More sombreros
First modern HDT SS Group A Commodore i've seen in the flesh.
I like the rims
Is a group of men all wearing sombreros known as sombrerbros ?

Very impressive rod - where do you hide the radiator ?

Dont see many Mercedes at Summernats. Nice car.
a lone Centura
Sombreros in every direction

Only saw one Kombi at the event. Nice car, very smooth.

I saw this outside the judging shed, and followed it in. I love Javelins. 

Great flames on this rod.
Look at that paint!

Beautiful car
The three Amigos
Another well turned out rod. Innovative flames.
This bloke took the wrong turn for the B&S....
Ahh so this is the Sombrero epicentre.

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