Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Frozen LPG converter and carby

This is what happens when you drive back from Sydney with low radiator fluid, start up the next morning and drive off without topping up. You dont drive far...
Radiator fluid/coolant heats up the converter. Necessary as the conversion from liquid to gas results in very low temps. No coolant = frozen converter = no go.
  Frozen gas also freezes the gas carby. Fortunately I popped the bonnet, topped up the radiator and the Pano started after a few seconds. One of the joys of LPG ownership. 

2010 Queanbeyan Swap meet - All Ford Day Part 3

This is the third post from my two days wandering the Showground at Queanbeyan last weekend. In the last post I was a bit Falcon  heavy with my Coupetacular photos, well I shall continue my self indulgence with more Falcons in this post. I only shoot what turns up remember!
 Nice XY GS
 Clean XC Wagon. The owner was one of the event organisers. 
 Amazing Model 'A' hot rod. On full registration, That would be tough as I have faced the pedantic overlords of Dickson Motor Vehicle Inspection myself. 
 Putting things in the boot would be tough. I just hope the car is tin, if it was glass I'd be beside myself. 
 Imagine driving down the Tuggeranong Parkway with this in front of you.
Unrestored classic Customline. 
 Hmmm brake drums the size of Kiwi boot polish tins not that good? Note shiny brake booster to the left of the otherwise unmolested engine bay replete with genuine 1950's road grime.
 I wish the recent Crown Vic's had cool roof trim like the 50's version.
 Good to see a Ford V8 instead of an abominable 350 Chev. 
 This is a really nice car, I like everything about it from body style, stance, wheels, colour, engine choice, interior... flawless.
 Quite a few rods made the trip.
 Id love to see whats under the bonnet.
 Nice colour on a scarce car in this country.
Note how I avoid photos of XR-6's... I don't care how many Ford sell - in 20 years people will want XR-8's. You all know I'm right.
 Some nice custom touches on this XE ute. 
 XB nostrils, mesh in XE grille
 Chequer plate tailgate and twin pipes. Clear tail lights are a bit doof doof
 Good to see  Vyl make the trip from Goulburn. His Procomp sponsorship still hasnt come through!
 Pretty much the ONLY EA-EL Falcon at the show.
 XY Panel van
 Insane engine bay. Now thats an LPG setup!
And so we bid farewell to the All Ford Day, next post is from Sundays 'American Car Show'. If your car is shown, please email me with details, or leave me a comment, and I will include them.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 Queanbeyan Swapmeet All Ford Day Part 2 - Fords and Falcon Coupes!

After schlepping all over the Swapmeet vendors area, I fortified myself with a Dagwood dog and headed to the oval where around a hundred Fords were on display. As you came in through the gate, the first thing to greet you were late 60's to mid 70's Lincoln Continentals and Ford LTD's. Massive!
 Nice 1963 Fairlane convertible
 32 Three window coupe.
 Seriously these cars just ooze American excess. if you want an automotive statement - buy a Lincoln Continental or an LTD. Big 460 and 428 cube V8's as well.
 59 Ranchero. Too nice to cart junk around in.
 Only Ford Capri at show, I have a feeling these will become quite collectable.

 A nice assortment of Aussie Falcons was on display.
 Falcon turns 50 this year - here is where it began. I think I prefer this to the latest version.
 Baby blue 57 T-bird
 XA Falcon Coupe. Clean. Crisp. Perfect.
 XC Falcon Coupe
 XC Cobra Coupe
 Ford Landau
 XB GT Falcon Coupe. Ive seen this in a Hot Wheels blister pack! I like the mags.
 XB Falcon Coupe
 XA GT Falcon Coupe - with a Mcleod rear wing.
 Nice silver XB GT Falcon
 XC Cobra. is this not a perfect colour scheme ?
 Mainline utility. 
 Ford Anglia. Very few English Fords on display.
 1970 XY Falcon 4 Wheel Drive Utility

More photo heavy posts to come - focussing on Sundays 'American Car Show' Surf back!

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