Friday, September 24, 2010

Road Congestion in Canberra - 33 minutes from Braddon to Palmerston

Last Friday I headed to Officeworks to copy some literature to distribute at the EV Festival on Saturday. I left Officeworks in Braddon at 5.20 PM. I drove across the Elouera St roundabout on Mort St - and then waited - for 8 minutes - to get to Northbourne Avenue. 
Photo taken from in car. My engine was off, after 3 minutes idling. That is a row of cars snaking around the corner to the left, up to Northbourne. Off to the right on Girrawheen St was a similar row of stationary cars. You will observe a bus stop in the middle of the picture. As Canberra's public transport system uses on-road buses exclusively, any bus that came along would also have sat in the congestion for 8 minutes. 

Once on Northbourne my pain didn't end, I then headed to Palmerston, along the Barton Highway. The trip in total took 33 minutes. People who say that Canberra is a city designed for cars are delusional. It is a city crying out for a public transport solution to congestion.

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