Thursday, September 2, 2010

ACT, NSW and VIC Police Cars, Wagons and Vans

Thought I would post a few photos of various police cars I have seen over the last few months. This doesn't include the Benalla based Highway Patrol car that stopped me when my rear number plate fell off the Pano...
VW van in Civic.
Ford Transit and Ford Territory at Canberra Airport. 
Holden Commodores and Toyota Landcruiser called to a BIG domestic in Kaleen.

Holden Commodore in Civic
Toyota Camry at Albury Railway station.
VW Van in Swanston ST Melbourne.
Holden Commodore in Swanston St
Ford Falcon. Blue and red lights were on back shelf and on front dash. Window glare hides them well. 
BA Ford Falcon station wagon in Swanston St.
Another Ford Falcon Station wagon in Glenrowan service centre carpark.

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