Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ford XA GT HO Phase 4 Falcon Badge

Here is something that is pretty rare. A badge from an XA Falcon GTHO Phase 4. Only a handful of these exist. Not mine unfortunately! This is genuine, and was shown to me by an ex-Ford employee.


  1. I know of only three in existence.

    One is on my friends sole production Phase 4, one is on the desk of car collector David Bowden and the other is in my collection which I bought over a year ago.

    Who was the person that showed you that badge?


    Roy Velardi
    Editor Street Fords magazine

  2. Hi Roy,

    It is owned by a person that used to work for my friend at Balton's in Thomastown. He was a Ford Broadmeadows employee for many many years. His main job at Baltons was restoration of dashes, instrument clusters and steering wheels. I'd rather not give his name out.

    Love the magazine BTW.

  3. Like all components for the phase 4, surely these badges were manufactured and ready to go down the production line... I assume there are many more of the 'suddenly not required' 200-250 badges in the hands of Ford connections. I wonder if the hand built race cars were fitted with them?

  4. Where ere they fitted on the Phase 4?

    1. Don, The sole production Calypso Green XA GTHO is the only vehicle that has it fitted and its mounted on the console front.