Thursday, January 26, 2012

Summernats 2012 - Utes

Utes are as Australian as Vegemite, that is they are an Australian invention owned by American corporations... Summernats is a great venue to observe the ute at work and play. Many are entered as show cars and make their way down the burnout track, but most are used to haul the show cars to EPIC and then used as cruisers. It's a great way to circle all day with your mates in the back. 

For this photoessay, I've put the US utes at the beginning then the Holdens then the Fords. I know that one tonners and US pickups are mixed in here, but overall - this is a nice look at the Aussie ute. 

 very cheeky
 el Camino
 that rear suspension needs work
 classic aussie FJ ute
 EK ute
 EH ute
 HR ute
 WB ute 
 HJ Statesman fronted Holden ute

 Very 70's - double Statesman grille
 HQ Statesman fronted Holden one tonner
 HSV Bodykit on a VY ute
 HSV ute in the Dyno shootouts
 XT Falcon ute
 XG or XH or maybe an XF ? 
 LTD front on an XE ute
 XH ute

 Latest Falcon utes - really one tonners

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Summernats 2012 - Chryslers!

Summernats 2012 - Chryslers!

As the smallest of the 'Big Three' back in the 60's and 70's the mighty Chrysler always has a presence at Summernats. You still see a few as daily drivers as well. The Charger is popular as a Summernats entrant car, but there were a few others as well. You always see US Mopar iron at Summernats. Enjoy:

 Running a twin turbo!

 French mopar!

 I bet we will see a lot of 300's in the coming years
 Amazing VH Chrysler - another of Billys photos
Now thats a flame job!

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