Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Summernats 2012 - Victor Brays 57 Chev TUF 57

Victor Bray is a drag racing legend in Australia, and a Summernats regular. His 57 Chev 'TUF 57' is also a Summernats regular. This car should be in the national Museum of Australia - it is that historic. It's the car that Victor first started drag racing in, when he was a tomato farmer in Queensland. 
The heart of TUF 57 is an alcohol fueled, supercharged Chev big block. With the amount of expertise in Team Bray, you can just imagine how well that engine has been built and tuned. Look at the tuned pipes. Its world class art. 
This car cruises all weekend, often with four or five people on board. I've seen Victor drive around, throwing sponsor merch out the window to people in the crowds. Now he is sponsored by Sidchrome, I hope he starts throwing spanners out! Its not mint either, although mechanically spot on, the body is racing rough. many racers are unsentimental about cars, and just want the next fastest car, not too concerned about the fate of the older car they have just stepped out of. That is not the case with TUF 57. Clearly this car means a lot to him. 
Ben Bray, also a drag racing champion and Victors son, was on the burnout pad in his doorslammer. TUF 57 followed it down the pad, making a bit of its own smoke. Note its full of his crew from Team Bray!

There is an excellent interview with Victor Bray at this link

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