Thursday, January 5, 2012

Summernats 2012 Supercruise

Summernats is a Canberra institution, and this year is its 25th birthday. The event has had its ups and downs and in recent years entrant cars have been down considerably. This year the event organisers have managed to convince the ACT Government to permit the Summernats Supercruise to occur again. 

The last time it was held was in 1993. It was cancelled following rioting in Civic and a serious and permanent injury to the owner of the Burmese Food van. With tight control over what cars took part, close police presence and a shift from the evening to midday - the cruise was on!
I arrived at the Dickson end of Northbourne around 11.45AM. There were people lining Northbourne all the way from EPIC to Civic. I walked to the median strip so I could get some good photos.
At about 12:15PM the cruise began! 
A couple of XE's were included - this ESP sounds and looks great.

Love the Cougar

I think this is an Elfin

Morris Minor tray truck on the left!
After only a few short minutes, the supercruise was over - with the rear taken up by a few tray trucks! I didnt see any breakdowns. I walked over to the bus stop to await the return cruise! I decided to video this - using the video function on my $89 dollar Kodak for the first time. See link below.

But we are not all car fans, this chap obviously missed the announcements regarding the supercruise. His bus was about 20 minutes late.

Tomorrow I will be off to Summernats so make sure you come back to the blog or subscribe using RSS to see my photo essay of Summernats 2012. 

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