Sunday, March 28, 2010

All Ford Day - part 6

The final post from the fabulous All Ford Day, which consists of some non-Fords, and a few self indulgent photos. 
Unknown 30's body made into a nice rod. It was parked in the carpark next to the OPH lawns, driven by a guy in his 50's. 
Nice Mustang, a little bit retrotech.
A trio of Cobra kit cars. I was taken by the different approach each builder took to the instruments they needed. The third one has a neat speedo with the display reading counter clockwise - to 300 kmh.
I saw this rod at Summernats, and its nice. It was crowded most of the day. Its the little details I
 like, skull numberplate bolts etc. If I built a rod, this is how I would hope it turned out, except that Id start with a Hupmobile coupe.
On my way out of the show, a nice street scene. 
A 56 or 57 Buick. Beautiful. Also parked in the carpark.

And thats all from the all Ford day 2010. 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All Ford Day - Part 5 - EA to BF Falcons, Lotus Cortina

Ford lost its way in the 1980's. They dropped the V8 engine to focus on a six cylinder range. This did not include turbos sadly. Without the performance jewels in the crown, the brand lost its lustre. It wasnt until the EB Falcon that performance returned to Fords range. A break from 1982 to 1992 from the V8 engine did great harm to Fords image, and also in Police fleet sales. 

To restore this performance image, the 'XR' range was developed for the EB series of Falcons, with the XR6 a strong seller which continues today as a GT-lite performance car. The XR8 also appeared in the EB Falcon, and also continues today. At the All Ford Day, quite a few of these models were on display. 

The GT nameplate reappeared, to celebrate the GT 25th anniversary, after going AWOL since the XB days, with a bizarre bodykit, performance suspension and 5.0 litre V8
EL Falcon
Great car, nice stance and bold custom induction system.
EB Series II XR6 - beautiful car, with engine dropped a few cm to allow the turbo piping to remain under the bonnet. 
BA Falcon Boss 260
FTE Falcon
AU Falcon
A pair of Lotus Cortinas were on display. 
Built from 1963 to 1966, the engine was quite advanced, with 1600cc and twin overhead cams.
Only a few rods, I liked this even though it had a six cylinder GM engine. Supercharged however, which mitigates the crime. Check out the fuel pressure gauge hanging off the blower. This tops all ricer bonnet mounted gauges.

Next post - All the rest!

All Ford Day 2010 - Part 4 - XM-XY Falcons

The Ford Falcon GT mythology began in 1967 with the XR GT, and stayed in production through to the XB Falcon. It lingered on as a non GT, with the same mechanical specs as the XC GXL 5.8, then disappeared from Fords lineup until the EB GT. 

At the All Ford Day, there was a strong showing by the XR thru XY owners. The majority were of the GT variety, with a few tough non-GT's and an XY Falcon hearse. The sound of a 351 cubic inch Cleveland is unmistakeable - and brings a smile to any petrolheads face. The 351 was introduced in the 1971 XY and there were several on display. 
XR Falcon 1967
XY GT 1971 - with the famous carb mounted bonnet scoop known as the 'shaker'.
XY GTHO 1971
XR GT 1967
XW GT 1969-70
XW GT - the bonnet scoop is to cool the braking system master cylinder!
XY Falcon Hearse
Nice pinstriping on this XP Falcon Ute
XW Falcon - Strip competitor, street registered.
1966 XR Falcon 2 door US version

The Falcon began its life in the US in 1960. Ford Australia dropped the two door version in the XR-XY range, only resuming it in the XA. This striking metallic blue two door XR Falcon is the 3rd generation Falcon, built from 1966 to 1970 in the United States. in 1970 US production stopped when it became obvious it would not meet new safety regulations. I dont know what engine this car has, but it s a 1966 built US car. If only the two door had been offered in Oz!

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