Sunday, March 28, 2010

All Ford Day - part 6

The final post from the fabulous All Ford Day, which consists of some non-Fords, and a few self indulgent photos. 
Unknown 30's body made into a nice rod. It was parked in the carpark next to the OPH lawns, driven by a guy in his 50's. 
Nice Mustang, a little bit retrotech.
A trio of Cobra kit cars. I was taken by the different approach each builder took to the instruments they needed. The third one has a neat speedo with the display reading counter clockwise - to 300 kmh.
I saw this rod at Summernats, and its nice. It was crowded most of the day. Its the little details I
 like, skull numberplate bolts etc. If I built a rod, this is how I would hope it turned out, except that Id start with a Hupmobile coupe.
On my way out of the show, a nice street scene. 
A 56 or 57 Buick. Beautiful. Also parked in the carpark.

And thats all from the all Ford day 2010. 

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