Saturday, March 13, 2010

All Fords Day 2010 - part one

I love car shows. I love walking around and looking at cars that owners love and admire so much that they will subject them to the admiring and critical eyes of other motorheads. Single make car shows are interesting, especially when the manufacturer is a multinational with manufacturing in many countries. 

Today I went to the All Ford Day on the lawns of Old Parliament House in Canberra. Country of origin for most cars was overwhelmingly Australian, with a smattering of US made cars, especially Mustangs, and some kitcar Cobras. There were a handful of hot rods as well, and a few English Lotus Cortinas, one Escort and an Aussie Cortina with an eight fitted. I didnt see any Customlines or Zephyrs. One guy brought an early 70's Transit with a camper body fitted! 

I enjoyed wandering around looking at outstanding examples of Fords, and will divide this series of postings into sections to make it easier for people to read (and load). 

This post will be about XDEF series Falcons. 

Nice clean XE. Probably the most attractive of the XDEF's.
Vyl's XD
Vyl and his mate. 
XF with XG Grille. It took me ages to find XF-087 (from the Xfalcon forum) to buy some stickers to put on my XF V8 Pano.
XE with more Xfalconers yakking behind it. I can make out Pinkie and Billy. Who gave me some good advice on how to fix a non wiping wiper. 
Immaculate ZL running a 302. Paint was excellent, as was the interior. Wheels a bit bling for me, but still very nice. 
I had to queue for a hot dog token, then queue for a hot dog, then queue for sauce!

Nice XF with a 302 installed (like my Pano)

Attention to detail - babyseat in the same white leather as the rear and front buckets.
Nice XD ute, with Globes and a sunroof. Only XDEF commercial of the day, no wagons either. 
My favourite Xfalcon of the day. Look at that scoop. Will it work with LPG ? 
Clean XD with Simmons. very 80's. 
This looked nice in the drizzle with rain beading off the gloss black paint.

Most of the XDEF Falcons on display were V8's with only a few sixes. Most of the later model AU to BA Falcon XR's were sixes, several turbocharged.  I wonder in twenty years time whether the V8 will still hold the appeal that it does today. 

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