Tuesday, March 16, 2010

All Ford Day 2010 - Part 3 - XABC Falcons

Australian Falcon design really branched off from the parent company in the early 70's with the XA series of Ford Falcons. The last XC, sold in 1980, was dated by then, even with the rectangular headlights on the XC GXL. By then the design had proven itself as a strong seller, and a success on the race track. 

Churned out in the millions in 2 door, four door, hardtop, sedan, wagon, utility and panelvan versions with six cylinders and two families of 8 cylinder engines, The Windsor and Cleveland, there was a model to suit everyone. At the All Ford Day, there were mainly 2 and 4 door GT Falcons, with no commercials on display. 
XA 4 door sedan. 
XB GT Hardtop. Painted bumpers were standard on the GT. 
XB GT hardtop. Beautiful car.

Next post:  XM-XY Falcons.

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