Monday, January 9, 2012

Summernats 2012 - How to get banned from Summernats - NUKINFUTS Gemini burnout

video by 'Blownhemi'

Steve Nogas, owner of 'Nukinfuts' the blown Gemini, has been banned for life banned for a year (see update 3 below)from Summernats competing in the burnout competition following an incident at the Burnout Finals on Sunday.

Apparently he either a: disobeyed the fire marshalls during the qualifying burnouts and was disqualified from competing in the finals or b: his car hit the wall during a qualifying burnout and was deemed dangerous and disqualified from further competition, but he wasn't told until he lined up for the finals. He fronted up anyway...
 Marshall ordering him to stop
 He doesnt. Car starts to move forward, everyone gets out of the way
Burnout begins. A pretty good one as well. Smoke all the way, consistent run, lots of pirouetting on the Burnout Pad. Blows both tyres. 
Crowd is in a frenzy - he celebrates a great run
Then gets jumped on by security and dragged away - BANNED

I think security have overreacted here. They should have let him drive off the pad - and then tell him he was banned. This had the potential to turn nasty.

Update 1: video of the qualifying burnout has been posted on Youtube
Video posted by 'bdking29'

'bdking29' attached this description to the video on Youtube:

This is the begining of all the controversy with Summernats claiming that Steve Nogas did not Qualify for Sundays finals because he did not obey the fire marshalls directions, claiming the fire marshall told Steve not to start the car after it stalled when contact was made with the fence, then claimed to tell Steve to shut the car down once he re-started it. Clearly you can see at 0:48 we hit the wall and at no point did the fire Marshall tell us to shut it down, The Fire Marshall then signaled to the approaching tow vehicle that he wasnt needed at 1:49 and waved us through to exit the pad at 2:02 of the footage. Summernats have since told us we never qualified on friday but at 2:21 you can clearly see the official give steve a qualifying ticket and saying well done mate.

Update 2

From a Commodores forum:

Steve Nogas
Unfortunate the way things turned out at Summernats today, I know the way I went about things wasn't right and i apologize for that but telling someone that he cannot skid with two cars to go isn't right either. Summernats had 40hrs to get in touch with me about me driving off the pad after hitting the railing in Friday's qualifier when I was supposedly told by a fire marshal not to. We had a go pro camera attached to the car which clearly shows the fire marshal directing me to drive off the pad and no one telling me to shut it down. We will be uploading this footage from Friday tomorrow. Thanks Steve

I understand an image of Steve Nogas's form with 'come back Sunday' ticked has been posted online (I haven't found it yet).

Update 3

Summernats management have reviewed the incident, and their decision and decided to rescind their lifetime ban and ban Steve for one year only. They have invited him to participate as a burnout track official next year (the year he is banned from competing). The official statement is interesting - it is all about the 'rules' and not about the stuffup in advising Mr Nogas he had been disqualified  (despite evidence indicating he wasnt) and the Summernats staff overly physical reactions. Despite that observation, it is a good outcome for all parties. 

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  1. Two wrongs don't make a right Steve Nogas. Threatening peoples lives with a car vs Steve being inconvenienced. I'm pretty sure peoples lives are more important than this blokes need to feel like a man. If I had some idiot threatening my life with his car I'd be pissed too. He deserves more than just a ban for life from Summernats. Deserves a trip to the cop shop in my books, perhaps even jail time and/or a psychiatric evaluation.

    1. You're an imbecile ^^^

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  2. Sounds like someone didn't like him very much, and Steve did him a favour by playing up.

  3. Ban the fat wog-looking security guy in the sunnies who can't control himself as well! Kicks the car at the start, then tries to punch on afterwards!

    1. i agree,kicking the car and walking around like a hot shot in front of the crowd,trying to put on a show.why didn't he hang around, because steve would have knocked his bloke off..what a tosser..good on you steve...that is the reason i stopped going to the nats because of all the tosser so called security

  4. If some fat bogan tried to run me down I'd do more than kick his car and punch him

  5. This idiot should be banned for life, regardless of the fact that mistakes were made by everyone involved, he was clearly told not to run on the day and yet he did, to the point that he tried to deliberately run down officials and using his car as a weapon...this clown should be in jail and people like him ruin the nats for everyone

  6. It doesn't matter when he was told not to compete, there's no excuse for driving through the officials.

    He shouldn't be driving a car at all with an ego and attitude like that.

  7. what a bunch of whiny pussies you lot are.
    let the bloke run his car as he sees fit!
    that's the reason he brought it there and built it! pussies!

  8. Can't do a burnout on a burnout pad? Looks like Victorias 'nanny state' is spreading across the nation.

  9. Very poor behavior from all involved in this incident. Summernats organizers made the first mistake and then the security made the second. Ofcourse the driver was angry but he acted like an idiot. Both him and the security guy should be banned for life from Summernats. This is why Summernats is held in such low regard by so many people. Lift your game Chic Henry, your event should do more than line your pockets! Get out of politics too there is no place there for you.

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  11. Chill out dickheads, if he was trying to run them down they'd be squashed. he was trying to get their corrupt asses out of his way and the result he was after was achieved. no one hurt and mad skid.. wats the problem again?

  12. Cam.

    Dickheads? He still forced officials out of the way with his car. Thats reckless driving, and if pushed further, reckless driving with the intent of causing grevious bodily harm. Rules are there for everyone. Not just some.

  13. Yep.

    Total cockheads.

    He forced nothing. Might as well say that teenage losers who throw themselves in front of a train are forced to go splat by the train driver.

    It was clearly self-defense from a gang of spineless try-hard rent-a-cops.

    If the rules were for everyone then he would get to run after being told he qualified, without a bunch of bogan tossers getting in the way, threatening him and causing criminal damage to his property, for trying to do the right thing and rip a burnout on a track FFS.

    To say that someone who follows the rules and yet is threatened by a gang of retards deserves to be punished, it's no surprise how we came to be in our current and sad police-state prison.

    You people truly ruin it for the rest of us who didn't go to private schools in daddys BMW, with silver spoons up our arse.

    1. Tosser. Grow a brain mate, in any sport, including motor sport the officials are in charge, even if they make a mistake they are still in charge. Rent a Cops???... that comment shows the lack of respect you have for anyone who doesn't let little boys do whatever they want whenever they want. True sportsmen are told things they don't like every damn day, and they don't throw tantrums. This guy was wrong, if he didn't like the call, he could simply not come back, or he could go to thru the official channels. I saw Victor Bray at the Victorian Finals years ago, he was told at the top of the light that he could not run. He simply shut off and was towed back. No tantrum. He later found that they had made a mistake. He was asked if he was angry, he said 'NO, they were doing their job, they were working on the assumption that I had a problem even though I didn't'. That is how a man handles it, this idiot simply throws a tantrum like a moron and drives past them. Should be banned from every event in the country, for life. And by the way moron, I didn't go to private school, but i was taught that when you become a man, you should really try to stop with the tantrums and accept that things don't always go the way you want them to. It's called LIFE, deal with it without doing stupid things like this. We've all had things go wrong for us, but it's only the egomaniacs and brain dead morons with no ability to deal with the smallest little problems who look for someone to blame. Grow up little man, Nogas was an idiot.

  14. That driver was risking the lives of officials and should be banned for life and used as an example of aggressive driving and poor choice of vehicle.

    Remember we are not talking about hi-tech japanese cars here- we are talking about an old gemini with a old fashioned motor.
    Things can and do go wrong with these types of cars.
    If he had brakes fail he could've run over the officials and injured or killed them.

    Lessons to be taken away here - 1) don't threaten officials 2) only use japanese turbo cars for precision driving and controlled burnouts.

    1. you are an idiot. straight up. there is a reason people pick these cars for this, you're obviously too irrational to stop and think about these things.

      your ideas on 'hi-tech japanese cars' well, i dont think could be more wrong. you meant to say 'Remember, we are not talking about hi tech SUPERCARS.' mate, you want precision and control, you spend in excess of 100,000. you dont go buy 10 grand of s15 and think you've got the world worth of power and grip at your feet, fact of the matter is, you don't. buy a ferrari, then you might.

      these cars are purpose built for burnouts, you obviously wouldn't know, but upon building a car, you know its flaws, and you'll know if your brakes aren't going to hold, and chances are, his brakes are just as good, if not BETTER then anything you find in your jap cars because he would have UPGRADED them. check out evilxa, again old car, old motor, hella power and im sure its no more dangerous then any worked jap car. even nukinfuts, both cars have been built better then you'd even attempt, so why mouth off? you obviously dont know anything if you just start shooting off about how jap cars are the bomb, they're good in their own ways, how many drag cars you see reppin sr20's? or even wankels for that matter, some may, but majority are are rollin mass cubic inches, every 'race car' gets purpose built, don't lip off about this crap, and i honestly hope Steve finds you, and slaps the shit out of you, then puts you in the passenger seat of his car and proceeds to make you soil yourself.

      please, keep these kinds of opinions to yourself. they make no sense at all. :) what about mad mikes old rx7?? far as i can recall that bad boy didn't have a turbo?? yet somehow he could still throw it into reverse entry drifts, nah, no control or precision in anything thats not japanese and turbo.

      maybe you should have just left it at Japanese? turbo doesn't give you controlled burnouts nor precision driving, it gives you power, enough said. you obviously dont know where control and precision comes from, let me explain.. THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN SUSPENSION. but heyyy, you'll get your s13, chuck some cheap coil overs under it and be sweet, right?? pointer, while your there, get some adjustable control arms, caster rods, sway bars, etc. maybe after all that, you'll know where control and precision in a car comes from. judging by your comment it could well be a waste of money, your choice. but i'll tell you now, don't go grab a stock s14 and expect to throw it sideways at 150 and come out sweet, you'd have to be very, very lucky. turbo jap cars dont have precision and control until its put there. same as any car. :)

      now look, you made me go into a rant. i tried to keep this short, simple and sweet and now i've gone into a rant. good one. seriously though, you go question steve about his brakes failing, if someone questioned me about the build of my car I'd slap them, disassemble said car, then tell them to do it better. :)

      good day to you sir.

    2. what a toolbox you are. Bet you have a Silvia with a huge muffler and a fully sick set of sub woofers.

      you clearly no nothing about the burnout culture or the vehicles. stick to playstation little boy.

  15. No one got hurt so all idiots havin a bitch!! get over it . It's a entertainment sport and everyone was livin's SUMMERNATS

  16. Nogas, why don't you do the manly thing, the right thing. Instead of coming on this site and others, making excuses for you disgraceful behavior why don't you just admit you were an idiot. You post a comment pretty much saying 'I was wrong BUT they were mean to me' really!!!! grow up dude. And so do your mates I see. You go there to be a hero and you know it, you go there to compete, you go there to do your best as a sportsman...act like one mate. I saw Victor Bay stopped at the top of a light in the finals once years ago, he was told he couldn't run. He didn't throw a tantrum, he didn't demand to know why, he didn't insult or embarrass the officials and he didn't just drive around them like a dickhead. He shut down and got towed back, he didn't ignore the officials and drive past them in a tantrum. Just look at the morons on these sites attacking the officials, saying you should have run them down...are you proud of that? It's up to you dude, YOU, to post a real comment, to say that you were wrong and that the officials were doing their job whether you liked what they did or not. It's up to you to TEACH dude, that's what men do, they TEACH, you have the chance to show young guys what is right and what is wrong and you are failing. Just as you failed at the top of that run, you are failing now. It doesn't matter if the officials in front of your car were right or wrong, they were told to do a job, and they did it, you drove around them, NOT COOL mate, not cool. It is not their fault that you did not agree with the call that their superiors made, all they could do was what they were told. And you are just sitting there reading the abuse, playing with yourself, dreaming about what a legend you are, and thinking how wonderful it is that there are so many people standing up for you. Sad man you are, try and grow a set of nads and tell them the facts. You were stopped, you didn't like it, you disagreed with their call, you threw a tantrum, you ignored officials, you risked their safety, you were wrong..PERIOD. That's what a man would do, that's what a sportsman would do. The question you fit either of those?

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