Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Protectionism and the Australian automotive industry 1896 to 2012 - a timeline

Ford Australia design studio late 1970's

Calendar of legislation and significant dates in Australia's Automotive manufacturing history. 

Note: This was prepared as part of research for a client. I thought it could be useful to share as I couldnt find anything similar online. Please credit this site and D.C. Haas if you use it in any research or papers. 

1896 – First car built in Australia by David Shearer

1898 – Internal combustion engine factory built by Harley Tarrant

1901 – Upon federation trade between former colonies becomes duty free, with tariffs imposed upon imported goods to provide the major revenue stream for the new Australian nation.

1902 – Tariff on imported car bodies introduced in Customs Tariff Act.

1903 – Local production of cars from a factory built by Harley Tarrant.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Honesty and humour in advertising - an advertisement for a Leyland P76

The Canberra and District Leyland P76 Owners Club President Alex Shoebridge sold one of his Leyland P76's in December 2012. It's OK, he has more (hidden away on a farm where they may in fact be breeding). How nice is this car? I would have bought it if I had any room to store it (I don't, I have 5 cars and a bus already - including three Leyland P76's). Some detailing and it would be a car show winner. Its an amazing car. 
It came to Canberra via a very unusual journey. A country NSW car since new, it was part of a deceased estate not advertised very widely A Canberra based Rover enthusiast bought the car to take the engine and transmission for his Rover 3500. He then contacted the club asking if anyone wanted a shell, very cheaply. Alex bought the shell. About a year later, the Rover gentleman contacted the club seeing if anyone wanted a P76 engine and transmission. He had run out of desire and time for his planned project. Alex reunited the engine and trans with the car and then spent time on and off repairing very minor age related issues. It has had some minor rust repairs and paint respraying, but really - its largely original