Saturday, February 23, 2013

Honesty and humour in advertising - an advertisement for a Leyland P76

The Canberra and District Leyland P76 Owners Club President Alex Shoebridge sold one of his Leyland P76's in December 2012. It's OK, he has more (hidden away on a farm where they may in fact be breeding). How nice is this car? I would have bought it if I had any room to store it (I don't, I have 5 cars and a bus already - including three Leyland P76's). Some detailing and it would be a car show winner. Its an amazing car. 
It came to Canberra via a very unusual journey. A country NSW car since new, it was part of a deceased estate not advertised very widely A Canberra based Rover enthusiast bought the car to take the engine and transmission for his Rover 3500. He then contacted the club asking if anyone wanted a shell, very cheaply. Alex bought the shell. About a year later, the Rover gentleman contacted the club seeing if anyone wanted a P76 engine and transmission. He had run out of desire and time for his planned project. Alex reunited the engine and trans with the car and then spent time on and off repairing very minor age related issues. It has had some minor rust repairs and paint respraying, but really - its largely original

Very few of these basic Leyland P76 cars remain. It has a front bench seat, column mounted 3 speed automatic transmission, no air or power steering - the basic Leyland P76 Deluxe package. This car is so unmolested that it has never even had a radio fitted. The dash is completely clean. The all alloy V8 engine runs extremely well, and makes a lovely sound. Apparently it drives very well. Alex always turns out good cars, and this is no exception. The price it sold for was an absolute steal. Lets hope it makes a return to Canberra in June for the 40th Anniversary of the Leyland P76 event. 
The ad on Ebay was very amusing. (The car has been sold).

"According to my wife it is possible to have too many P76's. So reluctantly I am offering for sale, my County Cream Leyland P76 1974 V8 Auto Deluxe 6 seater.
It drives very well, original car in very good condition. You wont find many like this anymore. A base model V8 with no other options, no power steering, no A/C, no carpets not even a ugly holes in the dash no aerial....nothing.

Although with the wonderful noise emanating from the dual exhaust when driving with the windows down, you would never turn it on, even if it did have one.

 I like to think of it as a lightweight Bathurst pack.....but I don't think anyone else does.
As a base model car, from the light weight era of "Less Is More" it does not have any electronics in it. Not even a clock, and certainly.
No computers,
No turn by turn satellite navigation,
No electric windows,
No bluetooth connectivity.
No MP3 compatibility,
No radar cruise control,
No stability control,
No hill decent control,
No self parking,
No Flux capacitor,
No airbags,
No rear DVD players,
No subwoofers,
No Automatic wipers,
No central locking,
No alarm,
No ipod connectivity,
No drinks cooler,
No auto dimming mirror,
No active suspension control,
No reversing camera get the idea.
I have found this to be a distinct advantage for a 'sometimes'car. When the car is is off. Nothing to drain the battery, if you don't drive it for 3 months it does not matter. Just get in turn the key and off you go."

Full registration until Feb 2013.
Recent major service.
All fluids replaced Engine oil and filter, transmission oil and filter, Diff oil, coolant and Brake fluid.
New plugs, points, rotor, distributor cap and coil. Carburettor rebuilt.
Also replaced rear shock absorbers, engine mounts, universal joints, strut top bushes.
Near new (205 70 14) tyres and laminated windscreen.
Very straight car, bumpers straight, all chrome trim, headlining and rubber floor mats good.
Near new performance Lukey dual exhaust.
Finally an apology, the pics of the seats are "sub optimal", the only ones I can find at this instant were taken with my phone."

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