Monday, September 13, 2010

Daily Drivers - Spring 2010 edition

Welcome to my Spring edition of 'Daily Drivers'. All cars were seen on the street being driven around and used. These cars weren't seen at a car show. Kudos the daily driven vehicle and the loyal driver.

The Smart Roadster.
Some kind of tiny Fiat, seen in Wollongong. I have shoes bigger than this car. The engine cover was inside. 
XY Falcon GS Utility with a 2V Six cylinder. 
Crappy photo taken while driving in Melbourne traffic of a EF Falcon ambulance, now serving as one of those cars that precede bridge girders along the Queens highways. 
Early 60's Chevrolet convertible.
Holden 'Sandman' ute/panelvan.
Fibreglass roof fits neatly onto the ute cabin.
Retro graphic panel.
Not so impressive when you get up too close, still thats modern graphics. Upside - a nice looking graphic scheme on your car, done quickly and neatly. Downside - not unique, graphics a little shaky. 
Late 1960's Holden ute. I love black cars. 
1954 Chevrolet. Running a 1957 six, Torana 4 speed and later Holden diff. On full reg. Seen at the Belconnen Canberra Sand and Gravel where it was about to haul a trailer of umm sand or gravel...

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  1. The Chev's a bit earlier than 1954 but I love it. What I also like is that it still has a 6 in it. They were great engines but all these crazy people seem to want to put V8s in them and pretend that they have been that way from new.