Friday, April 23, 2010

Daily Drivers in the ACT

I thought I would post some photos I have taken while wandering around Canberra, of a few cars that caught my eye. All of these have been taken by my phone camera, so apologies for quality. All of these cars appear to be daily drivers.
Luscious paint on this HJ Kingswood/Monaro. Its debadged so its hard to tell. Paint quality is impressive, as are the wheels and cage. Ive seen this in Belconnen several times, so its a daily driver.
HQ 1-Tonner in Civic. Hotwire mags, bumper is chromed but retains the Belmont grille.
Dropped into Toyworld Fyshwick to buy Lesney matchbox cars, and saw this unusual VP Commodore ute, with a Statesman front on it. This front tin swap was common in the 70's and 80's with Statesman fronts ending up on HQ-WB series utes and panelvans, but I haven't seen this swap on a later ute before. Looks nice. Thought I would see what year it was so looked at the rego label.  
Hmmmm, a Ford Sedan and the plates dont match the sticker....
An old dear was driving this Chrysler Centura out of the carpark in Civic.
Parked in front of Baileys Corner, a very clean EK utility.
A tradie in Gungahlin with a six wheel AU Falcon one tonner. I have only seen a few of these. I swear its not a deliberate 'commercials' focus in this post!
Karmann Ghia in Belconnen. 
The upside to having a camera phone is opportunistic photography, the downside is poor image quality. Still, I do see some interesting cars in my wanderings, so I think its a good tradeoff. 
If you know more details on these cars, or are the owner, drop me an email and tell me about your car. 

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