Friday, April 23, 2010

Victorian Police BMW 1200 RT-P

Last week I took one of my P76's for a trip down to Victoria. While I was refueling in Holbrook, a pair of Victorian Police motorcycles and policemen also stopped to fill up.
I asked if I could take a few photos, and they said sure. The bikes are BMW 1200 RT-P. That is, 1200 cc, RT's with the police pack. Apart from the white paint, sirens, lights on poles etc and Police livery, they seem the same as the 1200 RT on the BMW website. That site is hard to navigate, so this link is better. 

Technical specs on this bike are impressive: it leaves the factory with Automatic Stability Control (ASC), Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA), Seat Heating, Tyre Pressure Control, Heated Grips, On Board Computer, Power Socket and Cruise Control. Im not sure what mods are done to the 'Police' package. 
Each bike had a slightly different 'dashboard' 
The blue police light telescopes up a few feet. They had sandwiches in one of the panniers, and folders and paperwork. Holbrook is a fair way out of Victoria, so I don't know why Victorian police were there, but it was a nice day for a ride.  

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