Friday, April 23, 2010

Wheels Motoring Expo Mar 2010 - part 4

I crossed over to the lawn area between the High Court and Scienceworks, to view more cars. It was getting late in the day and between drizzle, people were starting to leave. 
As always, the Ford GT guys were there.
As were the X-Falcon crew. 
Nice Red Pepper XB GT Falcon Coupe.
RT Charger
Ride on lawn mower.
Chevrolet Monza.
XR Falcon club had quite a few cars. 
I guess he has an underbonnet cooling problem. 
I think the Boss bonnet bulge will become as iconic as the XB bonnet nostrils. Ive already seen a few transplanted onto XE's
Lincoln Continental
Lincoln Continental
Chrysler 300 Coupe
Chrysler ?
Dodge Challenger
Dodge Challenger
Plymouth 'Cuda
Datsun 240K
FJ Holden Panelvan

Then the nude bicycle riders started dinging their bells and riding through the Wheels Motoring Expo displays, as part of Naked Bike Ride Day. Most people thought it was pretty funny. I did hear one old dear shout 'what about the children'. On a serious note, it probably wasnt a good idea to steer them through the several thousands of people milling about the gorgeous cars spread over four lawns, and as the police had already sealed off the area from traffic for the event I dont know who allowed this. If the bike riders thought they were being anarchic, i think they were just lucky they didnt hit someone walking backwards taking a photo and not expecting a hundred nude bicycle riders to appear from nowhere. 
One less car. Notice how the model car racers took no interest - they had a race to win!
Renault Alpine A610.

This is a fascinating, complex car. Renault and Alpine had a long relationship making sporting versions of Renault cars, designed for sporting purposes. Few made it to Australia. The Renault Alpine 610 had the worlds lowest drag coefficient at 0.28.  Im not sure what version this car is, but most left the factory with a high tech alloy V6 of between 2.4 and 3 liters. There was also a turbocharged version available. The engine and transmission in this car was selected for use in the DeLorean sports coupe built in Ireland. 
Daimler V8
And so we say farewell to the motoring expo for 2010. As one of the years leading car shows in Canberra, it is a must for car nuts to attend. Sadly, I didnt get to see a few cars I briefly glanced, such as a white 1959 Cadillac limo and a de Tomaso Pantera. Too many cars, too great an area, too little time. However - there is always next year!

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