Friday, May 7, 2010

The Mighty Wez - Vernon Wells in an ATV on Matlock Police

I have a theory that all TV shows must be police/lawyer/hospital related to be successful. I dont know why, I suspect it is because people are voyeurs and like to watch human tragedy (as long as its not their own tragedy).  I dont watch contemporary police/lawyer/hospital TV shows, but I do record the old Crawford shows that are shown In Canberra on WIN TV at 2 AM several nights (or mornings) a week.

This weeks episode of Matlock Police, from 1973, was fairly ho-hum. Although there was an interesting subplot, about the registration of an ATV, featuring Vernon Wells - who went on to international acclaim as the Mighty Wez in Mad Max 2. 
'Tommy' fronts the counter at Matlock Police station and asks about registering his vehicle.
The Mighty Wez and Sergeant Kennedy go for a ride.
Camera pans out to show how silly this 'car' is. 
ATV crests a hill without running into a Mack truck.
Then Wez proceeds to do some 'circle work' in a gravel car park.
He got one line, and didnt smile once! Shave his head and dress him in US Grid Iron armour and he's ready for a dystopian future.

Vernon Wells in his most famous role

I will post some more car pictures from old Crawford shows, however quality will be low as I am using my camera to photograph the screen.

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