Friday, May 7, 2010

Bolwell Nagari on Division 4

In my last post on Vernon Wells in the ATV, I said I would post a few more Crawford Production vehicle related posts. Here is the second, featuring the Bolwell Nagari. 

The Bolwell Nagari Mk VIII is one of the cars in my Top Ten Dream Garage. An outstanding sports car, designed and built entirely in Australia, the Nagari was sold between 1969 and 1974. This puts it square in the sights of Crawford Productions when they were looking for a sports car to use in an episode of their police drama 'Division 4' in 1973. 

Usually when Crawfords film a police car chase they use an old Ford Prefect or clapped out Holden, so when its written off by the evil crim the budget isn't affected too greatly. In the car chase in this episode, no high speed or squealy cornering was filmed, just a loud siren wailing police car driving behind the Bolwell down a suburban street. 
The car first appears, driven by a fruit loop woman (later arrested).
It is involved in a car chase (police car behind).
She turns into her driveway.
Followed by the police in a VH Valiant
Earlier in the same episode this open vintage car was parked in front of the Bolwell Nagari. 
I'd love to know what it is. They didnt use a front shot, and it only appeared in this one scene. 
Poor quality shot, but it says 'Bolwell Nagari by Bolwell Cars Australia'. Obviously it was a factory car at the time, I wonder what happened to it ? 
I last featured Bolwell Nagaris in this post. There is an excellent blog devoted to the Bolwell Nagari at Bolly Blog.


  1. A Nagari convertible featured in car chase scene in episode 432 of "Homicide".

    In later years, when Crawfords needed a "sporty" car for a chase, they usually went for a Charger. Prior to signing with Chrysler in 1971, it was often a Monaro, with the occasional Valiant Pacer also turning up.

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