Friday, April 23, 2010

Wheels Motoring Expo Mar 2010 - Part 2

The Morris Minor Club is pretty strong in Canberra, and there were some very nice examples on display.  Thi one below has been updated mechanically with modern brakes, gearbox and engine. Beautiful.
Nice clean Moke. You dont see many of these anymore.
Riley Elf
Mini Cooper
Ive forgotten what this is... an Alvis ? 
Lots of Porsches out today!
The Porsche 928 has to be one of my Top Ten favourite cars. In the 1970's Porsche needed a 911 replacement and went radical, with a front engined, rear gearboxed, rear wheel drive supercar.  Packing a 4.5 litre all aluminium V8 with SOHC 16 valves, fuel injection and 240 hp - in a package weighing 1450kg. A perfect looking car, lovely lines and a gorgeous rear view. It was a slippery car, and very quick. The later S4 versions are particularly fast with the 5.4 litre V8. I prefer earlier variants as the interior colours were more garish. 

Sadly for Porsche, it was not the sales success the company hoped for, and the 911 was redesigned and became a cult car. The 928 remained in production until 1995, but has never been as popular as its less technically advanced cousin. Im glad to see several perfect examples on display today. 
Porsche 356's - look at that sparse interior. What more do you need?
CL Chrysler by Chrysler.
S Series Valiant
These guys were very serious about their racing and had quite an impressive array of gadgets and technology. When the nude bike riders came through, they glanced briefly and went back to racing!
Doesnt this look like the fire engine in the film Fahrenheit 451
Dozens of Mercedes Benzs turned up, but they leave me cold. Is there an exciting Mercedes ? 
Toyota Century with an owner originated roof chop. Gee it looked nice. Look at the dish on those rims. I dont think they were stock. 
Once again the Vietnam Veterans were selling tucker. This week I queued for an Egg and Bacon sandwich. First you pay for a token, then you queue for the food, then you exchange the token, into a clear plastic jar, then you receive your food, then you queue for sauce. then you walk off in an orderly fashion whistling Colonel Bogey between bites. 

In Part 3 - Vintage Cars and a Tatra!

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