Monday, December 7, 2009

351 Cleveland Sigma

I was visiting the boys at Baltron and came across their latest 'project' a 351 Cleveland powered Mitsubishi Sigma. The 2.6 litre 4 cylinder and trans has been turfed and test fitting of the 351C was taking place when I was there. These photos were taken early November. The car should be finished in time for Summernats.

I apologise for the poor photos, I spilt 15w/40 oil on my camera a week before and not all of it had drained out of the camera when these photos were taken.


351 Cleveland engine fitted without transmission. It should lean forward a little with trans fitted. At present there is no exhaust manifolds, starter motors etc, but there is room for them.

Driver side.

Passenger Side

After I took some photos, they test fitted a set of extractors, which had to be poked up from underneath. They were also welding up plate steel engine mounts. No body work is planned, but they might get some matching wheels. They plan to run the stock diff. Summernats cruising should be fun in 2010!

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  1. update - I asked about the fate of the Cleveland Sigma last time i was in the factory. Apparently the rust in the sills and underneath was pretty bad, so the project didnt get much past fitting the engine and a test fire. Proof of concept and then the motor was pulled and the Sigma sent to the scrappers.