Sunday, August 22, 2010

You thought you had a small garage!

In my email I received a video file from fellow P76 fancier Neville Humphries, of this amazingly small garage. The car is some sort of Fiat, and although I dont know what country this is from, it appears European. 
The old chap parks up on the footpath and opens the garage door. Its a rolladoor, or a converted window shutter. Thats his lounge room window to the left. Looks like space is at a premium in Euroland. 
Back into the Fiat and carefully edging his way into the garage. He has 3 cm leeway on each side. 
His car is 1.49 metres wide, and his garage is 1.55 metres wide. To put this into perspective, I have a 3 metre wide carport and I worry about hitting the walls in my XF Pano and P76!
Reaches out of the car window to open the lounge room door. 
Carefully aligns car and lounge door so he can step out of his Fiat. 
And into the house where his bowl of borscht awaits. 
Of course he has his mates coming round to listen to the intra-european bocce finals on the wireless, so he puts his guest chairs up against the garage access door before going off to open a bottle of krupnik. 
I wonder how the old fella would park this Lamborghini Murcielago which is 2.058 metres wide. he might have to take out his lounge room wall!

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