Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2010 EPIC Canberra Swapmeet

It was a drizzly Canberra Sunday and I schlepped out to EPIC in Mitchell for the very poorly advertised Epic Swapmeet. I wasn't even sure it was on until I read the very small ad in the motorcycle section of the 'for sale' ads in Saturdays Canberra times the day before. In contrast, the Queanbeyan Swapmeet had been well advertised, and was far better attended by vendors and punters than this swap meet.

Spread over part of Epic and in two of the covered pavilions, there was a mix of professional swap meet vendors and blokes selling bits from their garages, and of course diecast! I was a bit disappointed at the low turnout though. Perhaps the weather had affected it. I did notice some of the outdoor vendors had very damp displays.
 Lots of cheap one dollar diecast. I found two Hot Wheels Dodge Daytonas. 
 A pretty decent selection of Matchbox EF Falcons and Hot Wheels Commodores. 7 bucks each.
 Does a quarter mile in 11. Minutes...
 Morris Minor Club were there, say hi Peter. 
 More Micro Models. 1992 manufacture apparently.
 Lots of odd things are found at swap meets. Tappet shims for example. 
 Scarce XH XR8 Falcon. 
 HG Holden panel
 Falcon Bash car
 S series Valiant, earning its keep.
 Sidecar parts, and the bike. 
 I think this is Dexter from Perfect Match. Looking for a new home.
I think the Hot Wheels Falcon scalpers market has peaked. 
70's Audi coupe, looks strangely Leyland Force 7ish...
 Tank Fairlane - in black - oh yeah baby!
 GMC ex-ambulance, now a swap meet vendors car.
 I wonder whats going on here...

I came away with a few diecast bargains and some magazines, but nothing like the swag from the Queanbeyan Swapmeet. The blokes organising the Epic swap meet need to reinvigorate it. They could start with better advertising, and perhaps inviting a few car clubs along to display their cars. I think this is the reason the Queanbeyan swap meet is so huge.

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