Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2010 Queanbeyan Swap Meet - American Car Show Part 5

Thought I would post the last of my Queanbeyan Swap Meet - American Car Show 2010 photos. Starting with the nicest scene on the day - a few kids hanging out in a cool car. These are the sort of memories that kids will have forever - old cars in a positive light.
A late 50's Willys. I came real close to buying one of these when I lived in Alice Springs, it was white, fairly stock, and i turned up with the cash after doing a deal to discover the bloke had changed his mind. The tray and wheels are obviously fairly recent, nice looking truck.
 Nice old Plymouth
 Chrysler 300
A flock of Firebirds
 I dont know if this is a genuine Yenko Camaro, but boy it looked good.
 Dodge Charger
 Chrysler Imperial - black, fins, pillarless, V8, chrome - classic.
 First year Dodge Charger
 Chevy Monzas always appeal to me. Imagine if the Torana had a nose like this.
 Nice paint job on this Mustang.

 Oldsmobile Rocket 88

 I like the hood scoops on this Challenger
 39 Willys - very rare car - GMH body

 Could this be a 55 Chevy Nomad ?
 With all the rods and Cussos around, I thought it was a Rockabilly Festival!
 Sure enough - an Elvis impersonator. Deep fried peanut butter sandwich anyone ?
 All the rods were in one area - you certainly notice just how small they are when they are near Caddies.
 Haven't seen this much turquoise since 1987
 Is it a 28 Ford running a 350 Chev perhaps ?
 Needs a grass catcher. This car has been given a Brazilian and wax. Everythings shaved - handles, gutters, aerials, mirrors... then polished until it shines. Nice.
 Mercury Cougar XR7 - A Mustang with more thought given to the details I like to think.
 46 Chrysler 
 Late T-Bird
 I never get tired at looking at this model Falcon.
This needs to be lowered, a nice set of mags, and a 351 Clevo.

And that concludes my trip to Queanbeyan for two days in a row! This would have to be one of my favourite car shows in the region, and even though the first day conflicts with the AFL Grand Final (Carn the Pies) its an absolute must.

Part 5 - American Car Show (This post)


  1. DC, can you drop me an email...I got a question for you on one of the cars you observed at the All Ford Day.

  2. I am in the United States and I saw a model you photographed that doesn't exist here in the US, but I want to know more. Ford Australia built awesome models of cars the US public was never introduced to.

  3. Hi tencents - sorry but I have no way of contacting the owner of the 63 fairlane. if he reads this blog he is welcome to email me. i will keep an eye out for it in future ford car shows and pass on your details if i see it.