Sunday, March 20, 2011

All Ford Day 2011 Part 1 - 1932 to 67 - Falcons, Rancheros plus a few Escorts & Cortinas

It was a bipolar Canberra autumn day, sunny then rainy, dark then bright. It played havoc with my camera settings, and also with attendance. The 2011 All Ford Day was extremely under-attended compared to last years event - and that extended to cars and visitors gawking at the machines. I guess people didn't fancy getting their Fords rained on, but it was fun to wander around and talk cars to fellow gear heads. There was only two heavy rain periods in the 90 minutes or so I was there, and if you are good with a shammy, please bring your Ford next year. 

I've decided to order the posts from the All Ford Day this year into three broad year groupings, and as the earliest car I saw was a 32 hot rod, lets start with 1932 and run through to 1967. XR's and GT's are in the next post. More modern cars, in the third. They will appear later this week. Right! Lets look at FORDS!

 Very nice 1932 three window Ford
 Tiniest rear indicator I've ever seen!
 1954 F100 - This was not in the judging area, but parked with the working cars. It should have been in the display area. Beautiful.
 1959 Zephyr, tubbed, parked on the street. 
 I saw this car at the All Ford Day at  the Queanbeyan September show last year, the driver also owns the rusty patina Ranchero I've seen around town. This car features a 1964 390 Galaxie engine. 
 Pale yellow and brown is a brave colour combination. Roof looked more like fabric than vinyl, buts it's a coupe not a convertible or Carson roof.
 Another car parked on the street and not on display.
 As was this Falcon
 Very original, little rust, but it looked its age!
One thing that struck me abut this years show, was how many cars had 'for sale' signs on them. 
 I know its post 1967, but I needed a place to slot these three cars - amazing engineering. I bet the Professionals wished they had a Capri like this at their disposal!
 Look at the work in this Escort, I think Super Sedan class. 
 Is this the same model Cortina that Harry Potter uses ?
 GT Cortina, a little beat up, but the only one of its type there today.

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