Wednesday, March 23, 2011

All Ford Day 2011 Part 2 - 1967 to 80 - XR, XW, XY, XA, XB Falcon GT and Coupes, ZC, ZD Fairlanes

As I relayed in Part One of this three part blog photo essay on the 2011 All Ford Day, numbers appeared down this year. When it started raining on me, I felt like adding to that... but I hid under the awning of the mini-donut van eating mini-donuts and stayed dry while the showers passed. Several very avid car owners shammied away, I suggested to one, the owner of a two door XB that he was extremely optimistic - his wife said it was the third time that day he had shammied!
 A nice mix of GT's and regular Falcons were on display
 Beautiful silver XR Falcon - even had bench seats in the front
 Sunroof looks factory - very rare option
Very detailed XY GT Falcon

 Iconic logo
 Iconic hood scoop
 My favourite mag wheel - American Racing brand
 Very clean XW
 Aussie Fairlane - based on US Galaxie
 Three out of the four ZC and ZD Fairlanes had vinyl roofs. They all looked great. Curious that there were no ZA's
 Very nice XB GT - white suits this bodyshape
 Old school Simmons wheels, large diameter though. Odd. 
 Iconic hood. If only they had a Ram Air effect!
 This XB Wagon was parked in front of me, also not on display.
Great numberplate. The owner is on his third shammy of the day.
 Nice XC Coupe. I like how the lines on the perspex headlight covers match the horizontal grille lines. High level of detail on this car, it was immaculate.
 Check this headlight out. NEVER seen this before.
 Don't often see Fairmont Coupes 
GT Falcon Coupe Targa racer.
 Now this is the sort of wheel I like to see on the XABC Coupes, the wheel wells were designed for it. 15 x 10 Superlites.
 High end engine bay, neat, tidy, upgraded wiring and cooling. A mechanics dream.
 I dont know why they need FIVE horns though.
 Ahhhh Cleveland
 Working interior
 Serious rollcage. Mad engine. Worked like a racehorse. Road registered.
XA Falcon sedan
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