Sunday, November 27, 2011

Queanbeyan 2011 Swap meet - American Car Show

As a two day swap meet, the Queanbeyan Swap Meet is a real commitment for the car enthusiast. In my last post I covered day one. This post is of day two - and the cars featured on the main oval are the American Cars. Naturally, many are the same cars that turned up on Saturday, but many US car owners make the trip just for the sunday American Car show. Its also an opportunity to pick up car parts at a better price than yesterday, if you are inclined to haggle (I am). 
XH Ford Falcon ute
Sedan trim on ths lovely lavender FC Utility
South African trim on this Holden ute (sold as Chevrolet in SA) 
XF Ford Falcon utility with some nice subtle modifications
FJ Holden utility
EK Holden utility

Steve the Trax man - with an excellent selection
HD Holden utility. I dont think that bullbar goes with that ute.
I am always amazed at the range of car related books and paraphernalia you find at this event. A Corvair manual ? 
You dont see too many sidecars these days. 
Nice lineup of Mustangs on the oval
56 Ford F-100
...with an LP Gas tank concealed in the tray.
Very nice Buick straight 8

purple is a popular Mopar colour...
lots of work in this very nice 39 Ford
Beautiful paint on this 'vette
this car drove itself home...

clean Gemini van
HR Holden panel van
I dont know why this Pontiac GTO has a Dodge badge on the front and RT 440 plates. 

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