Thursday, November 3, 2011

Queanbeyan 2011 - Swap meet, All Ford and All Holden day

A few weeks ago I went over to Queanbeyan for its annual two day Swapmeet and car show. Now normally its the All Ford Day on the Saturday and the American Car show on the Sunday. This year the promoter had the All Ford Day AND All GM Day on the Saturday.... 
Parked the P76 and headed onto the oval, rows and rows of nice old cars. This red Mustang caught my eye - it has diplomatic plates and lambo style doors. 
Nice black Mustang

Only a few T-Birds this year, such a nice shape. 

Nice blue paint, car sounded impressive.
Not sure if this is a genuine Sprint or not, the Sprint was a proto-Mustang with a 289 V8 under the hood. 

I really like this car. reverse hood scoop, air dam, V8 prob a 390. This would be a great highway cruiser. 
This car on the other hand... Thats a mighty impressive blower setup. only makes 759.8 horsepower though...

Sole XA-B-C Coupe. Very straight XC

I dont know if this is a factory or custom sports version of the Ford van. Im curious t know what mods have been performed to the engine and running gear. 

Is this woody sweet or what! 49 Ford two door wagon. One of my favourite cars on the day. 
Always a nice selection of the luxo-barge Fords. 

One of a handful of English Fords. Its sad that this par of our motoring history isn't valued as much as the American side. Plenty of US Fords are imported - very few UK Fords are imported or restored. 
Australia only Ford Mainline ute. 
GTS Monaro
Black steel bumper 'vette

The Corvair is an interesting vehicle. The US response to the Volkswagen. 
Theres a flat six packed in there. A little more complex than a Volksie engine. 
Nice HD with a much later 80's era EFI system grafted to the red motor. 
Black Firebird - still bearing the garish hood Eagle
I always have a  soft spot for cars with flames. Nice old EK Holden
AMC Rambler Rebel. Very clean and original. 
I always enjoy the swap meet side, plenty of old sheds are emptied out and parts migrate from one to another. If you needed a rusty generator - this is the place to look. 
Thats how to camp. Want to be careful getting up at 4 AM for a pee though, that first step is a doozie. 
Plenty of interesting cars scattered among the swap meet vendors. This EH Panelvan caught my eye.
Louvres masterfully punched into this EK Ute bonnet.
$5500 bucks and this old FX is yours. It looked to be all there, but very rough. 
Ive seen this old Sunbeam motorbike at a few local swapmeets recently. The owner wants $3500 for it. 

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  1. Great photos! The swap meet was huge last year! Got some good bargains!

  2. thanks for sharing the list. it’s really helpful.

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