Thursday, September 25, 2014

1973 XY Falcon 4 Wheel Drive Utility

What do you do when you have a car that you developed for an Army contract, that you didn't win? You look at selling it to the public. That's what Ford Australia did in the late 1960's. using the Australian designed and built Ford Falcon, mating its six cylinder engine to Jeep 4WD mechanicals, and offering it to the public. 

Unfortunately, the development time on the XY Falcon Ute 4WD and importing some parts such as the special order front axles, took so long that the XA ute was being sold as it was coming to market. In fact it also carries XA parts, such as steering columns. 

As the only Australian designed and built 4WD until the Holden Adventra, it was a groundbreaking car, that should have been the start of bigger things - but sadly died almost stillborn. Only 432 were built. That makes them rarer than a Phase 3 (of which there are more today than when built...).  

The car in these photos was shown at the Queanbeyan All Ford Day. 

250 CID inline six cylinder - identical to the engines fitted into Falcon passenger cars. To fit under the bonnet and to accommodate the 4WD mechanicals, it needed to be slanted slightly.

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