Thursday, September 25, 2014

German Autofest 2014 - Volkswagens

On Sunday September 20, on a glorious Canberra spring day, i went to the Patrick White lawns between the national Library of Australia and Lake Burley Griffin, to look at a few hundred German cars owned by Canberran's. 

Over the next week or two I will post quite a few great shots of stunning german cars. Today I start with Volkswagens!

classic Volkswagen

New Beetle
(yes, that is a flower in a dash mounted vase)

Type 3 Sedan 
Type 3 Fastback
Type 3 Sedan
Type 3 Wagon
Type 3 Notchback 

VW Golf GTi 
VW Golf convertible
VW Sirocco
Thats some offset! 
VW 181 
 VW 181
(I took more photos of this for a separate post)
 1980's Kombi
Kombi ute  

  Beautiful orange and white Kombis old and older 
 One way to stop the windscreen icing up
 Classic Kombi bus
Kombi twincab ute 

A herden of Kombis!

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  1. Only the one, and it was very rusty.

  2. thanks for sharing the list. it’s really helpful.