Thursday, October 2, 2014

Newstead rods and Chopped

I recently visited Newstead in Central Victoria. While walking around, I noticed this very nice 32 Ford roadster. I wandered over and saw a few people in the front yard of the house it was parked in front of. It turned out that these two cars are owned by Ryan Ford, who is incredibly busy running Chopped this weekend. On the way up the Hume I saw dozens of rods and customs heading the other direction. I will definitely go in 2015.

Nice Flathead with twin Strombergs

 It is textbook old school
 Slammed Thunderbird 
 Just parked on the street, in Newstead
Very clean XG XR6. The owner has two other utes in the shed that he is working on. 
Austin panel van still used for work - in Maldon (about 20km from Newstead).

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