Monday, October 6, 2014

Plastic coated coat hanger v 1974 Leyland P76 anti-theft technology

Yes I am an idiot who realises in that 'ohnosecond' (the time between realising you have made an error, and the error occurring) that I have locked the keys in my 1974 Leyland P76 Super V8. The ohnosecond occurring as the car door slams shut and I see the keys in the ignition, instead of my pocket. 

How to get them out? After looking at various methods, I decided to use a plastic coated coat hanger and bent it into this shape so I could latch onto the interior door lock and jiggle it up. A complete success. I figured that a wire coat hanger might scratch the paint, so I went with a slightly thicker plastic coated wire hanger. It took about ten minutes and I was closely observed by the postman, several people walking dogs, people driving past etc. 

Yes, the car has an immobiliser. 

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