Monday, April 6, 2015

Auto Italia 2015 - Alfa Romeo old and new

Alfa Romeo owners were in large numbers with outstanding examples of their marque polished and cleaned for display. I don't think there has ever been an ugly Alfa Romeo built. Looking at the GTV's that turned up for Auto Italia 2015 reminded me of the day when a friend of mine placed his jack in the jacking mount of his GTV, to raise the car to replace a flat tyre, and the jack went straight through the rust and wedged itself in the sill!  None of the cars out on Sunday had that problem. 

The newest Alfa Romeo - one of the few times I had the chance to take a decent photo, it was crowded by curious car fanciers all day. 

On my way home I stopped to refuel, and this interesting Alfa arrived. I didn't see it at Auto Italia 2015, but they had come from there and were refuelling on their way home. So jealous...

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