Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wheels Expo 2011 - Part 2 - Morris, Porsche, VW, Aston Martin, AC, French cars, Buicks, Hunters, Hillman and Studebaker

It was great to see the Morris's and especially the little fish shop panel van. I like old commercial vehicles, especially when they retain the paint scheme of a former employer. I dont know if this truck is the original or an homage, but it certainly captures a moment in time very well. 
Nice paint on this Mini, a bit different to the standard Cooper replica paint  job.
I always feel like smoking a pipe and wearing a Homburg when I see an Aston Martin. 
This 'car' I see as the 'shark jumper' in the Porsche car timeline. What the hell were they thinking? There is nothing Porsche in this 'vehicle'. 
Purple. Fast. Invigorating. Porsche. 
The 928 - a bold experiment they should have stuck with. I always wonder what a 928 mark II would have been like. I bet it wouldnt have been a fat subaruish SUV that indulgent hausfraus collect their indulged kinder with painted on legs from school with. 
The 914 - another interesting Porsche experiment that ended after one model.
Karmann-Ghias are a timeless design, and I still see one driven as a daily driver near my house. The grey one is so low I think I would have to lie down and roll into it to get inside.
I often think about cars as if they were conscious beings, and if that was the case, I wonder how this VW Kombi ute feels now that its shined, polished, garaged etc and not so long ago it had to schlepp bags of cement around all day in between tri-annual servicings. 
I really liked this Kombi camper. 
The owner was sitting in the centre under the little awning,  and I made a hilarious crack about how Id like a gelati and soft serve thanks, and it obviously wasn't that funny. Or the owner was a genuine German with a teutonic sense of humour, that is: none.
Citroen DS estate
Light, V8 powered and fast. The Elfin Streamliner. Absolute beast of a car. 
I know I shouldn't have laughed when I saw the exhaust on this Austin 7, but I think its the same one that I changed out on my Victa lawnmower a few weeks back. I think there is every pre-war go-fast trick applied to this car.
Every car show bring surprises, even when you know that a lot of the cars will be ones you've seen before, but I was amazed when I saw this car - the AC Aceca.
Built in 1956 by AC Cars at Thames Ditton in the UK , it was imported to Australia in 1986. Restoration began in 2001 and was finished in 2011 - the Wednesday before the car show. 
The 2 litre engine is a Bristol design with triple Solex carbs and a 4 speed Moss gearbox. The suspension is independent and the frame is steel. The body is a combination of inner fiberglass and mild steel and external aluminium panels. It is as attractive as the Aston Martin of the day and quite rare. It was a joy to look over the car, and sadly it was wedged in tightly with other cars, but as its a local car i'm sure I will see it around and take some more photos from different angles. The owner was a pleasure to speak to and was very proud of his unique car. 
Every car show should have a finned Caddy. 
Very nice Hillman Royal (the upmarket Hunter). Im not sure if its a restoration or a well-kept original. 
Very cool teardrop camper trailer
Classic old Vauxhall Cresta's
I think this is one of Buicks best shaped cars. Sadly if I owned it i'd drop a supercharged 455 V8 and 4 speed auto in it, with auto, power steering and a sound system that would need more than 6 volts. 
What makes this car collectible ? Compared to its brother above ? 
Only a few Studebakers today, but this 50's Champion is a classic. 
One thing I do like about Australian car restorers is that they dont spurn the four doors in the same way that American car fanciers do. In the states, this car would be sacrificed for parts to restore a two-door. This used to apply to wagons as well, until recently. 
Lambo was very popular.
Volvo had such a purity in their design. 
Someone needs to take one of these to Summernats and just go animal with it.
Another Volvo, the P1800. 

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