Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wheels Expo 2011 - Part 3 - Ford, Falcons, Mustangs, Capris, Corvettes, Mazda Rotarys and Hot Rods

The All Ford Day had been held only a week earlier, so I didn't take a really close look at all the Fords on display at the Wheels Expo. The usual Ford clubs were there and they had some impressive classic GT's and some mire modern FPV's and XR's etc. It was also cool to see some Capri's and English Fords.
It's a shame Australia skipped the two door platform through the XR-XY era. The blue car is an imported US Falcon two-door.
Nice Ford display
Personally I would jack the rear of this car up, but you cant not admire the impeccable finish and classic lines on this Coupe. 
Always some nice Mustangs at these shows. 
Best looking Mustang this year. I dont know what the colour is, but the fabric of the interior and the convertible top matched in a lurex/sparkly way. Impressive. 
I know it's heretical, but I have always thought the European Capri was far more advanced than the Mustang. I guess the only way to improve a Capri is to upgrade the engine by either adding a small light V8 or working the standard V6. 
Australian Capri convertible. Nice looking car - of its age and now showing it styling wise.
I do like to see a stock base model at these shows. 
Anyone who doesnt like Corvettes, has no blood in their veins.
Chev Impala SS 409 - in black - majestic.
There were quiet a few older Mazda's at the Expo, which was good to see. Japanese cars dont get a lot of mainstream classic motoring attention, and to some extent they bring this upon themselves by splintering off into small subsections to do with drifting etc. But it was nice to see some classic shapes and sounds. Im not big on 4 cylinders, but I do like listening to a worked 13B rotary.  
When I snuff it, please use a classic X-Falcon hearse. 
The Hot Rod guys had their own little corner, with the odd 50's car scattered among the. 

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