Thursday, December 1, 2011

Marques in the Park 2011

Marques in the Park is an annual car show in Canberra that is probably my favourite to attend. It is very casual, and is really aimed at car owners not the general public. There is no entry fee, and no parking for non-participants. So, if you are there, its likely you own one of the cars on display.
For some reason the other blokes from the P76 Club decided to not park in the space we had been allocated, and didn't bother to tell me. I decided to not park my car in the shady tree area near the lakes edge, and parked out in the middle of the grassed area. Later, the other P76's were moved to a better spot, but I was off taking foters by then. Enjoy.
Rover SD1 3500
Ford Anglia
1947 Buick
baby Austin 7
Karmann Ghia

FC Holden

Nice airbrush work on this S Series valiant

Very nice Cobra replica turn out
Always strong GT Falcon representation

Ford Capri's - I tip these to become very collectible in the near future

First time I have seen a Plymouth prowler at a car show. Amazing looking car, I took MANY photos of this. File under WANT.
A herd of prancing horses
Nice XF. Lowered, big wheels, XG grille
XE Falcon
Very stock and clean XD Falcon
LTD hearse
EK Holden

Mazda 323 - I liked the badge. It may have had a rotary, I didnt hear it running.
Holden/Isuzu gemini
FJ Holden
EH Holden trailer!
HQ Statesman

The Morris Club always turn out in numbers
This trailer thing is a bit of a trend.
Black MG - beautiful paint and car
 Ford Cortina - I'm surprised that you dont see more of these.
Ford Zephyr
Zephyr Wagon
Sole XB Falcon coupe. 


  1. That VW Microbus is so cute and hippie! These photos have awakened the wannabe-vintage-collector in me. It’s amazing how different models of Ford that came from the same era have assembled here. This car show seemed like a reunion for them. =)

    Delsie Maidens

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