Sunday, January 6, 2013

Summernats 2013 - Fords and nothing but Fords

So many cars so little memory space on the camera card... All day cars prowled around the EPIC roads snarling and grunting as they kept within the speed limit and avoided sombrero wearing spectators criss-crossing from spectacle to spectacle. This post contains an array of Fords - mainly Australian, but a few Yankee imports, that owners brought along to show off. 

Many cars were highly modified with thousands of hours of work devoted to them. Others were restored or stock. Many cars weren't even entered for prizes, just driven to the event to share with other auyomotive afficionados. 

 photo by Billy

 photo by Billy

photo by Billy
photo by Mikgan

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  1. Some great old XB & XC Falcon's there.

    I am not sure how Fairlane's made into the tuning scene......I don't recall seeing any tuned Stateemans on the roads of VIC!!