Thursday, January 3, 2013

Summernats 2013 Supercruise

Hello to all my long ignored blog readers. I thought I'd kick off 2013 with a video of the Summernats Supercruise down Northbourne Avenue from EPIC. 

Last years Supercruise restarted a tradition that ended acrimoniously in the early 1990's following a riot. This year, the Summernats organisers negotiated with the ACT Government to allow some cars to cruise that are not able to be legally driven on the roads. This includes cars with enormous blowers protruding from their bonnets. The exact formula used by Summernats organisers in selecting cars for the cruise is unknown, but not all cars entered in Summernats are allowed to participate in the Supercruise. 

I hope you enjoyed that. For reasons I wont bore you with I missed the cruise as it went into Civic, and caught it coming back! I set my camera on a light pole and also took some still shots with my ancient Konica digital camera. 

Here are some of the better photos of better cars.

These are some of the cars that spectators arrived in. These were just cars near me!

The following cars were cruising along Northbourne, but not part of the Supercruise.

 The paint on this Commodore is an irridescent metallic. My camera isnt good enough to capture the effect, I suspect you really need a mark one eyeball to do that.

Beautiful Monaro

Make sure you come back over the next few days as I post more photos of cars from Summernats 2013!


  1. Well done, nice shots, thanks for this

  2. Great shots!! Thank you.


  3. Yes it was Orsm Dispite the storm on Saturday It Cancelled the super cruise


  4. thanks for sharing the list. it’s really helpful.