Saturday, November 22, 2014

German Autofest 2014 - Mercedes Benz

The last of a series of posts from the German Autofest 2014. Mercedes Benz was by far the largest marque represented, maybe just slightly more Mercs than Volkswagens. There was a strong mix of modern and historic vehicles, although the nature of time and the way people relate to their cars, always favours modern cars over antique vehicles in volume. It is pretty obvious that the two door Mercedes tend to live longer than their four door brethren. Zero station wagens on display also. 
A most intriguing car. The most highly modified Mercedes I have ever seen I would like to know more about this car. 

 The most modern Merc at the show. 
Not a part of the show per se, but representing MB in any case, through the value of work. 
 I walked back to my car and what did i see in the carpark! This 560 SEL.

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