Sunday, November 23, 2014

Queanbeyan Swap Meet 2014 - Fords

 Only Falcon XABC Coupe on the day - but it was a ripper

The Queanbeyan Swap Meet is held in conjunction with two car shows - the Ford, GM, Chrysler Day and the American Car Day. This post is about the Ford's that were on display on the Saturday. I will post about Ford cars that appeared on the Sunday, in the near future. The focus of this post is Aussie and English fords (OK, a few US cars as well).

Interesting profiles. Only the front panels and floorpan are interchangeable between the sedan and coupe. Even the windscreen glass is different. 

Only Ford panelvan on display. I might park my XF pano on the oval next year.
 12 slotters on a GT. Non-factory...
 That is some serious panel work. Impressive.
It is a shame Ford Australia skipped the coupe model for the XR-XY range. The blue car is an American Fairlane. 
 Ford UK represent!
I was pleased to see this Ford Australia Ford Laser, I think he was at the Small Fords Day as well. based on Mazda mechanicals - essentially a clone of the Mazda 323, built in Australia. 
 Always like the Mainline ute.
 Underrepresented model in collecting circles. 
A few nice XD and XE Falcons, but no XF's. 
 Lots of variety
 390 Galaxie - I love this car and will do a separate post on it. 

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