Saturday, November 22, 2014

Queanbeyan Swap Meet 2014 - the crap people sell and that some people buy!

The Queanbeyan Swap Meet is a Canberra car show fixture, and now it has been moved so it doesn't clash with the AFL Grand Final, it is increasing in size - more vendors and more buyers. They hold it in conjunction with two car shows - on the Saturday a Ford, GM and Chrysler show and on the Sunday an American Car Show. This post is all about the crap that people cart to the Swap Meet to sell, with only a few car photos. They are coming in separate posts.

empty grog bottles with clock movements - ingenious
There are a few pricks at every car show
useful for carting the crap one acquires
Indian motorcycle. 
I think this is technically a moped.
 Converted horse float - stunning work. The guy was selling Ratfink and MOON gear and lots of chrome and whitewall tyre stuff. 

The roof of the car that the person selling didgeridoos was driving. Can you imagine what that would sound like at 100 kmh...
 NOS XABC Falcon ute rear quarter. 

 50 bucks and I could have cruised the showgrounds in style!

 Why did they fall out of love with Rose Tattoo, and why did they commission these in the first place? 


Get out of the way kid - serious collectors need to get in that 50 cent diecast toy car bin!
 Every home needs a large block mounted poster of Charles Bronson
For those who have lost theirs
How much are you asking for this? 
150 bucks
Its hand made...

 I told them it should be Hot MEALS...

A trailer load of treasures to be taken home and stored in the garage and then brought back and sold to someone else to take home and store in their garage until they are brought back and sold to someone else to take home and store in their garage until they... 

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